Blind Kiss – Review

ARC was generously provided through a Facebook giveaway in Renee’s fan group. 

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If you have been an avid reader for any length of time, you’re sure to have experienced the dreaded (possibly at times, coveted) book hangover. While I’ve read many awesome five star books this year, I’ve only experienced one book hangover until this point. Friends, I was drunk on Renee Carlino’s writing, straight up binge-reading-drunk on Blind Kiss. I started this book intending to read a couple chapters here and there throughout the day. Instead, I ended up completely finishing the entire novel in one day. After sleeping and expecting to move on with another book, I have been stuck in a rut — life feels pointless without Penny and Gavin. I miss them and wish the book didn’t have to end.

I don’t know how Renee writes one unputdownable book after the next, maybe she sprinkled a little love potion in my copy when she signed it (thank you, Renee), but I was in awe of how well this story flowed, much like the others in her collection. I went into this book blind (pun intended), with knowledge only of the Northern Colorado setting, and no expectations other than the hope for a great love story. I was rewarded with an epic friendship which danced the fine line between platonic companionship and a life-altering romance. The chemistry between the characters was incredibly intense and exciting to read. I loved experiencing Penny and Gavin’s story with both the present and past perspectives, allowing me to get to know them and understand their relationship more fully. I felt like I was hanging out in FoCo in my early twenties with these amazing friends I had made, not as if I was reading about fictional people in very real places.

The whole premise of this story starts with a psyche experiment between strangers: “Can you have sexual chemistry without knowing what the other person looks like?” Penny and Gavin answer this question with a clear and resounding “YES!”. Immediately after sharing an earth-shattering kiss, Gavin nonchalantly asks Penny to go on a date with him at that very moment. What follows is an undeniable friendship, lots of funny innuendos, and a chastity belt (just kidding). Despite the unmatched chemistry these two share, Penny is determined to keep her friend as her friend. As life continues to move forward, their friendship remains, but their chance at love painfully begins to dwindle after one important decision is made.

This is the type of novel that is able to pull out every possible emotion from the reader. There were moments I was laughing, moments I wanted to shout “NO!”, times of tears, and instances where my stomach actually dropped to my ankles – AND I loved every heartwrenching second of it. There were moments the story felt a tad predictable, but I did not care in the slightest because I was completely engrossed in this book. Reading felt easy, fun, and as if I was watching one of my most-loved Rom-Coms for the fiftieth time. Speaking of movies, Hollywood needs to get their hands on the rights for a Renee Carlino screenplay. Her books would transfer to the screen better than works of many big-name authors, and Blind Kiss would a huge hit!

I can’t recommend this book enough if you’re someone who enjoys feeling all the feels and needs a good slow-burn romance, and easy read in your life. Renee nailed it!

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