The Surviving Trace – Review

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My first Calia Read book was a hit! First of all, I just have to brag on this woman because I think I might have a crush on her. 😉 I had the privilege of chatting with her on Instagram while I was reading this book and she was incredibly nice and personable. I’ve always been amazed by the strength and resilience of military wives, not only is Calia one of these women, but she’s also a mother of five! How she manages to write books on top of all she has to do blows my mind. Can you say Supermom?

The Surviving Trace‘s blurb sounds fascinating and I highly doubt anyone will be able to resist its temptation. I sure couldn’t say no!

Will is my fiancé. The shy man I met years ago in college. The person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with. 

This is the life I’ve always wanted until finding a picture of four men changes everything…

Etienne says he’s my husband and the year is 1912. He can’t stand the sight of me, but I don’t know why. 

Oh, and he’s one of the men from the picture. 

I’ve done the impossible and have become trapped in time and I know Etienne is my key to going home.

The more time I spend with Etienne, the further I fall for him, until I’m questioning which time I belong in and if the life I left behind is the one I truly desire. 

All I know for certain is I need to survive time. 

I need to survive love. 

And I need to make it out on the other side alive.

Time-travel Romance is one of my favorite sub-genres and I get so excited when I am able to venture back to a new time period while reading. I love how Calia chose to write about a time I haven’t read a load of information about. One of my favorite things about The Surviving Trace was the photograph putting the whole story in motion. Just like Serene, I’m drawn to old photographs and I find myself creating stories for the people in them and wondering what kind of lives they led. This story starts off with a dream about a photograph Serene finds in an old album. Apparently, this aspect of the story had a huge impact on me while reading, because I was awoken by a dream so vivid, it felt real about this very book. I always know I truly love a novel when it shows up in my dreams!

I was dazzled by Calia’s writing and her perfectly immersive setting. I felt as if I was actually in the giant home with Serene and Etienne, feeling the stifling South Carolina summer of 1912. And Etienne, oh Etienne. Holy wow, I loved this man! I love the guys who are a little cranky and tough to crack because they are the most rewarding characters to read! Serene was the perfect woman to counter him, though they were similar in many ways. She was strong-willed and determined, letting nothing prevent her from making an impact on whichever era she resided in.

I have to say, I normally can do without love scenes in books because I’m more interested in the story than getting jiggy with it. 😉 I read for emotion and connection and I was absolutely rewarded with these things, but I actually felt the love scenes were essential to the story. The passion between the characters was simply the best I have ever read – the love was tangible and realistic. My heart felt heavy and consumed with the way the characters were written.

I adored this book and didn’t want it to end. I’m so relieved to hear there will be more books to come because I need more of these characters like I need air in my lungs. Though this was my first book by Calia Read, I will continue to pick up her books and can’t wait to finally read Unravel, along with the rest of her previous works! Her storytelling is stellar.

Be sure to pick up this beauty today!

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