The First Mistake – Review

I have to thank my friend, Michele at The Oxford Comma Momma, for my copy of The First Mistake and St. Martin’s Press and Netgalley for the ebook.


Unlike many of my fellow readers, I haven’t read The Other Woman by Sandie Jones yet, so her writing was unfamiliar to me as I started this novel. I love British Thrillers and I was quite excited to experience this one, knowing the hype surrounding this author. As I started this novel, however, I found my mind wandering on nearly every other page. I didn’t know if this was due to my lack of focus, due to circumstances in my life at the moment, or if it was due to the story. I was struggling with not wanting to pick up the book but decided to push on, sure my inability to tune in to the story was all on me. Finally, about 30% of the way in, the story picked up and I was later shocked by one of the revelations that came to light.

Immediately after, the perspective changes and we are taken back nine years in time. Again, I was finding it difficult focus and knew this time it was definitely related to the story. From this point forward, I found the plot to be incredibly predictable, as if we were being hand fed every detail that was to come. I hoped that wouldn’t be the case, however, so I eagerly kept reading to see if some off the wall twist would occur. There were a few pieces I still couldn’t fit in with the explanation I had concocted for the story.

Later, I would discover those details would be missing pieces to elaborate on the prediction I already had for the story. Unfortunately, I did know the ending halfway through and things didn’t veer off course much differently than I expected. There were parts that had me reading quickly to see if what I thought would happen would come true, but there were also parts that dragged for me. I think I may be in the minority because I have seen many great reviews surrounding this book, from exceptional reviewers, Michele included. In my opinion, The First Mistake was good but it didn’t knock me off my feet, like I had hoped. It could simply be due to poor timing on my part.

Be sure to check this one out for yourself when it releases on June 11th.

Rating: 3 stars

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  1. I agree! I liked it, but it didn’t give me that wow factor that I saw all over Instagram/blogs !

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    1. Yes – exactly. I was expecting much better.


  2. Disappointing! But that cover is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is!! I love it so much!


  3. Good review. 🙂 Happens sometimes. Exceptionally good books may fail to sweep us off our feet.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, wish it didn’t but it’s part of reading. 😦

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  4. MrsDMVH says:

    Lovely review! I will admit I wish it ended better than it did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for checking out my review. I was a little bit disappointed. 😫

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