Idle – Review

img_8450Excuse me while I fangirl over Fisher Amelie. When I didn’t think I could love her more than I already did, I got to meet her at Book Bonanza and receive the best hug of all-time, then I came home and was able to dive into Idle, the fourth sin of The Seven Deadly Sins series. Let me tell you, this book was a breath of fresh air and earned an easy five stars! Fisher is able to write it all: humor, friendship, heartache, life lessons – you name it, she will make you feel it and leave you wanting more. Only a writer with a heart of gold herself would be able to create such a realistic and simultaneously heartwrenching and heartwarming read. Somehow this is only my second book of The Seven Deadly Sins series and I couldn’t be more excited to catch up on Greed and Fury now!


Stop. Leave me to my devices and go away. Just get off my back already, all right? You don’t know me, don’t know my situation. You don’t know the town I live in, the people I live with, the friends I own. Don’t hold me to your standards. Stop expecting the best from me. I’ve never been given the tools to be her.

So let me alone. Life’s easy when nothing expects so little of you. Easy is what I crave. Easy is what I do best. Let the world weep. What good could I possibly do them anyhow? Follow my lead and close your eyes. It’s effortless.

Stop asking about me. I’m okay with being no one, a nobody. I’m comfortable with this stagnant life. There’s nothing I stand to lose. I’ve taken no risks.

Life can’t be changed by simply doing nothing.

Can it?

I’m Lily Hahn and this is the story of how I went from a life of hollow nothing to a life of exhaustive agony and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Fisher’s writing is full of substance, it makes readers dig deep and experience the characters’ every action. My favorite thing about this book was that it wasn’t so much a romance as it was a coming of age story about a girl finding her place in the world. Sure, there was a great love sprinkled in, but the main focus wasn’t about a guy becoming a girl’s whole world. The male lead, Salinger, was more of a guide to a better life than a love interest for most of the story, which made me adore it all the more. I couldn’t get enough of the slow build of trust, loyalty, and friendship between the characters as Lily learned to navigate the life she ended up with, rather than the life she had planned. It endeared me to the characters more than I expected!

I loved the theme of this story, which made me think about how simple it is to become complacent in life. It’s easy to stop growing and remain stagnant when life feels good enough. It’s when monumental changes come along, whether we want them to or not, that we’re forced to reevaluate and push out of our comfort zones once again. Through Lily’s hardships, Fisher was able to show readers how these moments build stronger foundations and ultimately make us better people. I was also saddened as I read of a way of life for so many, those who believe they are stuck with a particular lifestyle, simply because it is all they have ever known. Many people don’t have a Salinger to turn to, a person to push them out of their rut with bouts of tough love, a person to make them see their strengths when they feel their weakest. Having lived in small towns all of my life and being the wife of a high school teacher, I see this reality all too often. Children don’t believe they can rise past the life they’ve always led, they are too scared to even try, and it is the most heartbreaking thing to behold. I think that’s why this book was so incredibly special to me as a reader. It was refreshing to see someone rise above, if only in fiction because maybe it will give even just one reader the courage to push past their self-imposed limitations.

“I can tell your lack of respect for me is a product of the power women hold over you, so let me let you in on a secret, pawn. Humility. Humility and kindness. Try it on and the good ones will come your way, I promise.”

This story felt fresh and wasn’t something I feel like I’ve read a million times. I was able to learn new things I didn’t have a clue about before, like the world of Chess! My daughter just learned how to play the game while we were on vacation in Colorado, so this was a kind of cool and unexpected addition to the story! I enjoyed experiencing the tournaments and watching a girl being a player in a man’s world.

As with all of Fisher’s novels, they are pleasing to read because they are not inundated with sex, but still boast a connection between the characters. I would feel comfortable giving this book to my daughter as a teenager because it would allow her to grow as a person, simply from reading the story. Well done, Fisher, you have written my favorite type of story, a winner for all ages. May we all take a lesson from your pages!

If you haven’t read Idle yet, I cannot recommend it enough! Please grab a copy below. 🙂

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