Not So Nice Guy – Review

I don’t know what I can say about R.S. Grey’s books that I haven’t already said a million and one times. I will read every book this woman writes because each one is so much FUN! To date, I think Not So Nice Guy is Grey’s most hilarious book – I was laughing at something on practically every page.

“You look like an American Girl Doll named Chastity.”

I love a good friends-to-lovers romance and no one, in my opinion, writes it better than R.S. Grey. I can tear through these books in no time simply because they’re easy, amusing, and light. It’s always a great chance of pace from my usual heavy reads, allowing me to relax and enjoy. The writing is not the typical silly and pointless writing that many authors accomplish when entering the ROM-COM genre, but instead full of sarcasm, quick wit, and a legitimate romantic story.

I couldn’t get enough of watching these characters tip-toe around each other, constantly denying their feelings, hoping to maintain the friendship that drew them together in the first place, all while attempting to discourage others from developing feelings for their friend. Despite the funny storyline, Sam and Ian showed tremendous growth and maturity as the story progressed. The setting only helped to add to the angst between the two and was really enjoyable to experience the tension between Ian, Sam, and their co-workers. I’m all for teacher stories, being married to a high school teacher myself, it’s easy to imagine the setting and the added awkwardness when students are privy to the private details of their teachers’ lives.

My only complaint was that this story was a little more explicit than I like for my books to be. I’m simply a more conservative reader and I don’t need pages upon pages of graphic details — implied is good enough for me. I was a little shocked at times how steamy things got, leaving me blushing and looking over my shoulder quite a few times. If smutty is not your thing, make sure you’re prepared before heading into Not So Nice Guy.

Overall, this was a hilarious story, chock full of chemistry and swoon-worthy moments. I can’t say enough about R.S. Grey’s writing and am constantly in awe of her ability to crank out witty and unique stories time after time. Each one is unputdownable and will keep you reading well into the night. She’s at the top of my list of favorites for a reason and I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next!

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