Going Rogue


Do you ever get so excited you feel like you could puke? That’s exactly how I feel after opening my book mail from J.R. Rogue.  Her words are like medicine for my soul.  She crafts poems out of the words I couldn’t formulate, the thoughts that have been stuck in my head, and I’m obsessed.

I just want to crawl inside your mind
for a while.

I’d venture a guess your
dreams are a
place to live.

& I’ve grown
so weary of

I just finished reading An Open Suitcase & New Blue Tears by Rogue and couldn’t get enough.  I read each poem twice, just to fully absorb the feel of every word.  I can’t imagine the effort it takes to bare one’s soul the way Rogue does with all of her poetry.  Her writing is deep and emotional, while our society tends to be shallow and unaffected by things as complex as poetry.  J.R. is breath of fresh air and I’m thankful for her ability to share herself with her readers and 53 Thousand of her Instagram followers.  I just bought a signed copy of Rouge, which I have already flipped through and read a little from.  It looks like it will be my favorite yet.


After being burnt out on poetry from years of AP English in high school and analyzing the words from dead poets long gone, I didn’t feel as if I would ever enjoy poetry again.  Then I found Jen’s Instagram account through Tarryn Fisher.  She felt like a modern day Poe, and I was instantly hooked!  I love that she able to capture such deep feelings in such few words-  her talent is otherworldly.


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