Unseen Messages – Review


Even though this book had been on my TBR list for years, I picked it up on a whim this month. I was in the mood for a long, adventurous story with added romance. This seemed to tick all the boxes and I was hoping it would be similar to On the Island by Tracy Garvis Graves, a book I loved earlier this year.


“There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. Messages exist all around us.”

But what if you don’t see?
What if you don’t understand?
What if, by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?

Estelle Evermore morphed from nobody to somebody overnight.
Galloway Oak put his past behind him and endeavoured to make his fortune using his trade. 

Two strangers.
One plane.
Multiple unseen messages. 
From sky to island, they find neither fame nor skills can save them. Stripped from society and left alone to survive the elements, the very task of staying alive outweighs all other needs. 
Until survival turns to desire.
And desire turns to danger.

I really loved how this story started out. Though I knew what was going to happen, I didn’t know when it was going to happen, and the waiting kept me on the edge of my seat. This was a real slow-burn all around. The crash took a while to happen, the romance would heat up and fizzle out, and it didn’t seem like the characters would ever be rescued. I, for the most part, really enjoyed sinking into the story and growing to know the characters as time elapsed. However, I was torn between thinking this story was epic and wonderful to being too long and drawn out.

The lengthy parts came in the descriptions of the same details numerous times or the same tasks being repeated over and over again. While this makes sense in terms of being on an island for years, it still came as a struggle to read about for the third and fourth times. I was also put off by Galloway’s undying need to constantly fantasize about having sex with Estelle even while his leg was severely broken and he was in supposed, insurmountable pain. I don’t care how hot someone is, I highly doubt I’d be imagining them naked while my leg is mangled and broken upon crash landing on a deserted island.

Naturally, some of the scenes were a bit far fetched, but if I took the story for what it was, I was able to enjoy it more. I definitely did grow to love the characters during my time spent with them and I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of the story. I was pleased with how things turned out, even better than I expected. Overall, I would consider my time spent with this book time well spent. I only wish the story had been tidied up slightly.

Rating: 3 stars

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