The Second Blind Son – Review

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Wow!! As a rule, I don’t read fantasy, but Amy Harmon makes it so delectable time and time again. Her words completely transported me to the world of Saylok. I loved being able to head back to this world, with the concurrent storyline to The First Girl Child. We were able to visit the characters we grew to love from a different perspective and meet and get to know other characters on a deeper level!

This book offered swoon-worthy romance and adventure! I think my favorite aspect of this book was how unpredictable the plot was able to be, though I had already read The First Girl Child. Somehow I didn’t know the characters in this story would be woven into the story I already knew. Regardless of how things might play out, I was constantly rooting for Hod and Ghisla, savoring every moment they were together.

This is a book I won’t soon forget and will be recommending to everyone I know!

Rating: 5 stars

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