Moments Like This – Review


Book One in the From Kona with Love series depicting multicultural romance, love, loss, and redemption woven into a family saga set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Though connected, each installment can be read as a standalone.

After Andrea “Andie” Matthews chooses her career over a marriage proposal and then loses a promotion she worked so hard for, she jumps at the chance to take a break and help run a friend’s coffee shop.

Alone in Hawaii, Andie befriends the staff and quickly grows to care for them, making her determined to revive the company.

As luck would have it, she meets the mysterious Warren Yates on Christmas Eve. They share a cup of coffee, some conversation, and even a moment, which leads to many more in the coming weeks.

But when Andie learns who Warren really is—and what he actually wants—she is torn between her feelings and his deception.

Will Warren be able to win her heart back?


Formerly writing under the pen name, Christine Brae, Anna Gomez is stepping out into the writing world under her real name and with a new writing partner, Kristoffer Polaha! I’m excited to be around for her expansion as an author! This duo has the writing process down and they make it seem like tons of fun! Anna’s signature Christine-style of romance is easy to see while reading, a touch I’m thankful remained because it is what drew me to her books in the first place. Kris’s voice in the writing meshes seamlessly with Anna’s. It’s easy to forget two authors put this story together!

This sweet tale cuts to the chase and immediately hooks readers as Andie embarks on a life-changing opportunity in Hawaii. Little does she know that life is about to throw her a curveball with Warren! I absolutely adored the interactions between these two and couldn’t wait to watch their relationship evolve. I could feel their chemistry seeping from the pages during their “Moments” tours around the island. The descriptions of the places were so realistic, I felt as if I could actually see the landscape along with the characters. This was a welcome distraction during my personal Covid quarantine. Though I was stuck at home, I thoroughly felt as if I was getting a real vacation.

I’m so excited to follow this series as each book releases, and I especially cannot wait to have this beauty residing on my shelf. I will surely be passing this book around to friends because it’s a book everyone can fall in love with. 

Rating: 5 stars

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