Rabbits – Review


I wasn’t familiar with the podcast, but I couldn’t resist reading the Rabbits book as soon as I read the synopsis. As a bit of a conspiracy nut, I can’t help but love a compulsive read like this one. This story was like Stranger Things, Ready Player One, The Adjustment Bureau, and Conspiracy Theory (Mel Gibson) intertwined. It certainly held my interest and I couldn’t wait to see how this underground alternate reality-style game would play out.

There were a lot of variables at play here and the ending could have been anyone’s guess, making me feel like the story lacked a bit of direction. Stories like this are all about the ending. A great idea and synopsis means little if the story isn’t wrapped up in a satisfying way. Mostly, I was pleased with how things concluded, but I could’ve used a little more. There was a slight lackluster feeling left behind because I wanted a few more questions answered.

Nonetheless, this was an incredibly exciting read. It made me think and dig further into conspiracy theories I hadn’t researched in quite some time. I sense the author is a nerdy kindred spirit, who I’d love to sit down with and chat up! I wouldn’t mind asking plenty questions about this story.

Overall, I enjoyed getting lost in the rabbit hole and I’ve started listening to the podcast since I’ve finished. I wish I had familiarized myself with it beforehand, as I think it would’ve made things more clear. Despite that, a really enjoyable read I’ve decided to bump up to 4 stars, from my previous 3 star rating, simply because I can’t stop thinking about it!

Rating: 4 stars

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