In Too Deep – Release Day


In Too Deep by Julie Olivia

Release date: October 28, 2019

Order on Amazon for $2.99. Also available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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They say not to stick your pen in company ink.
Does that apply to graphic designers as well?

This year, I decided to check off a couple life-altering items: Ditch the cheating ex, move into my own apartment, and finally pursue my dream career. When I land a graphic design job at Treasuries Inc., the start-up darling of the marketing world, I think I have it all figured out.

Oh, naïve little me.

I, Grace Holmes, am not related to the great detective, Sherlock. If I were, maybe I could solve the mysterious case of why the universe gave me my dream job, but then paired it with my new boss, Cameron Kaufman.

Cameron Kaufman is a man with a plan—if that plan is attempting to stilt my career. He’s arrogant, cynical, and ready to spit sarcasm any chance he can. But, most of all, he is swoon-worthy to a degree of unfairness. Seriously—dimples and a winning ass? Give me a break here!

So, of course, we’re hit with a big project on my first week. Of course, now my boss and I have to spend late nights together. And, of course, I’m getting more attracted to his snarky comments as each day passes.

We both have mouths that could kill. My only problem is that I can’t stop picturing what else he can do with his, or whether my job is worth risking to find out.nowavailable-square

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