The Girls are Back in Town Book Signing

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Hi friends!

facetune_22-06-2019-09-38-10I’m back from an exciting weekend in Richmond, Virginia for The Girls are Back in Town book signing. I tagged along with my dear friend, Christine Brae, to assist at her table and was able to meet up with many reader friends along the way. It was such a treat to meet fellow bloggers I’ve spoken to frequently online, in person. This was also my first trip flying alone anywhere! As silly as it sounds, I would have been less terrified of driving 20 hours to Virginia alone – I’m a road-tripping pro. Flying was a different experience for me since I’ve only been on an airplane a handful of times. Thankfully, it was mostly smooth sailing except for a bumpy landing and some motion sickness inducing turbulence on the way home. Ha!

img_0584.jpgIt was refreshing to get a little time away and experience the liberation that comes from figuring things out by one’s self. I was excited to be able to try each restaurant I looked up beforehand, venture to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum with Christine and my friend, Rachel, and be able to see authors I’ve come to know again, along with meeting a few new ones!

My favorite thing about this signing was going into it with no plans or expectations other than to hang out and have a good time. I didn’t want to fangirl over authors, I only wanted to be relaxed and treat them as I would with any other person. It allowed me to see them as the humans they are since I think we tend to romanticize these people because they give us all the feels while we read. The readers are who makes the signings the great experience they are. Being able to talk books with others, in person, is incredible, but being able to get to know the person behind the Facebook profile picture is even better. I had instant connections with several people, great conversations, and just an all around good time.

There were many highlights from the trip, but my favorite things were staying in bed for 12 hours the first night, putting what I wanted on tv, watching the sun go down from the rooftop of the Hampton Inn, Fish ‘n’ Chips at Penny Lane Pub, and talking with so many of you. Clearly, I’m a low-key person and enjoy the simplest of things. 😉

I have to say a big thank you to Christine and Rachel for the memorable experiences and Kacy, The Fettered Matriarch, for picking me up at the airport and getting my kids toothbrushes while we were stranded in the DFW area with our messed up tire. 😀


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  1. Carol says:

    So fun! 👍😍🙌


  2. Looks like loads of fun. I never get to signings for various reasons but I’d love to.

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