I Ain’t Doin’ It – Review

Thank you to Simon & Schuster/Howard Books and Netgalley for the chance to read I Ain’t Doin’ It: Unfiltered Thoughts from a Sarcastic Southern Sweetheart by Heather Land.img_9997

Humor is 100% subjective and I often have a hard time finding “funny books” humorous, but luckily Heather Land’s wit is right up my alley. I tend to enjoy visual humor more, with funny lines accompanying a person’s body language – that’s what gets me rolling. I enjoy Heather Land’s humor for that reason, her eye rolls, accent, and Snapchat filter just adds to the hilarity of her words. I think that is particularly what made this book enjoyable for me. As I read, I was able to imagine how she’d be saying the words on the page. If you aren’t familiar with Heather’s comedy, first, I’m surprised. Second, I’m attaching a video for you to watch now – enjoy.

Social media comedian Heather Land uses her trademark sassy, laugh-out-loud humor to remind us of the many ways that real life can be really funny.

Heather Land has something to say about almost everything in life—the unbelievable, inconceivable, and downright frustrating—and why she “ain’t doin’ it.” In her first book, Heather shines a light on the (occasional) ridiculousness of life through a series of hilarious essays, dishing on everything from Walmart and ex-husbands to Southern beauty pageants and unfortunate trips to the gynecologist.

I Ain’t Doin’ It reminds us that when it comes to life’s messy moments, it’s all about perspective—and that we too can say, I ain’t doin’ it!

Perfect for fans of Jim Gaffigan, Anjelah Johnson, and Brian Regan, I Ain’t Doin’ It is a fun, breezy read for anyone who appreciates someone who tells it like it is and wants to embrace the lighter side of life.

This was the perfect quick read to add a little cheer to my days. I appreciated the insight into Heather’s life and the redemptive story of her accidental rise to fame. I thought it was refreshing how she was able to add humor to her lowest lows while also incorporating her faith into this book. It was the perfect mix of seriousness and humor. Just when things were getting heavy, she would throw an unexpected joke in, catching me off guard and cackling loud enough for my husband to question my sanity. The part in the story about her massage gone awry had me in hysterics. I had to stop and read many of the lines to my husband so he could share in the fun. 😉

I think this will be a great audiobook, especially if it’s narrated by Heather herself. It will certainly add to the hilarity and will be a must listen for anyone looking for a little extra laughter in their life.

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