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Thank you to Tyndale Publishing for their kindness in allowing me to read and review an advanced copy of The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers.

Francine Rivers is a legend in Women’s Christian Fiction. Her book Redeeming Love is among my favorite reads of all-time. She has an exquisite way of writing unconditional love and making readers feel her words. I knew many book lovers were anticipating this book and I was eager to get my hands on it like everyone else! It felt like Divine Intervention when Tyndale contacted me about this upcoming release. I never expected to be one of the lucky people to receive an ARC!

Roman Velasco has it all – a successful art career, money, fame, women, and yet, something is missing. When Grace Moore is hired as his last available resort for his personal assistant position, he doesn’t expect his life to change drastically. With Grace’s close proximity, the cracks in Roman’s armor slowly become apparent. His lavish lifestyle can’t hide the most important piece Roman is missing. And while he is difficult to work for and be around, Grace is desperate to provide for herself and accomplish the dreams she has put off for years. Through broken pasts and years of heartache, Roman and Grace are unexpectedly able to connect in ways they never imagined.

Alternating between past and present perspectives, readers are able to fully grasp the depth of the characters Francine Rivers was able to create. Though Roman and Grace seemed worlds apart in their personalities, they faced similar challenges growing up and learned to cope in their own respective ways. Roman turned to art and material possessions and Grace turned to God. The fruits of their lives were made evident by the things they valued.

I found myself eager to read about Roman as the story went on. He was gruff and hard around the edges, but from the get-go, it was easy to see he had a good heart. He was developed so well that I felt as if I knew him personally, and could imagine people I know in my real-life similar to him. Though my own life is quite different than Roman’s, I found him to be the easiest character to relate to. He was broken, hard, and rough, but he was real.

Grace, on the other hand, seemed kind, wonderful, and driven. Of course, she still faced her share of challenges and brokenness, but her inner voice and the voices of her friends were beyond compare. Though I share her love of God and similarities with her character and even liked her, I struggled in relating to her. I think she seemed almost too good to be true.

This was a well-developed story and an enjoyable read, garnering a hard-earned 4-star rating. The main plot twist caught me off guard and I loved seeing the Supernatural elements added to the story. I was impressed with the turnaround and growth of the characters, along with the bits of Faith sprinkled in throughout. I really enjoyed one explanation about a character being Saved but not yet a follower of Christ. This was the first time I had thought of someone being on those particular terms with God before and was even able to recognize part of my past from that perspective. Such a simple sentence was a true eye opener for me! My favorite part of the entire book was the author’s note at the conclusion. It served as a great explanation for the story and was a heartfelt piece of writing to wrap up the novel nicely.

The Masterpiece is a great look at a modern Christian relationship and can serve as an encourager for women of faith. I must admit, I don’t often read Christian fiction, though a Christian myself, as I’ve found the stories in my experience often give a sugarcoated look at life and love. However, my last two reads have been highly enjoyable stories, both from Tyndale Publishing, making me eager to read more of the books in their collection. Fans of Francine Rivers will undoubtedly love The Masterpiece, but I hope others, like myself, who maybe don’t pick up this specific genre often will step out of their comfort zones and give this book a try.

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