Lilith – Review

img_8431Thank you to Netgalley and Willow Aster for allowing an ARC for review.

If the title of this book doesn’t grab your attention, the story inside surely will. Whore (now titled Lilith) is one of the most beautiful renditions of an unconditional love story I have ever read. If you’re like me, the title might make you a tad nervous this story will be full of smut and dirty deeds. Let me ease your worries right now, dear readers, this story is anything but smut. Of course, there are a few sexual instances, the main character is a prostitute after all, but there is so much more to this plot. You’ll be missing out on an exceptional love story if you skip this one based off of preconceived notions.

The main character Lilith is a complicated and alluring figure. She was forced into prostitution by her mother at Maison D’amour, New Orleans’ own high scale whore house. Lilith is ready to get out from under her mother’s controlling ways and become someone who isn’t used every day of her life, but simply knows no other way of life. When her ex-boyfriend and current mafia member comes back into the picture after shattering her heart, Lilith gets wrangled into a scheme more elaborate than she knows. Enter Soti, all that is good and perfect in the world. When Lili becomes captivated by his charm and selflessness, she realizes how badly her life needs to change. Unfortunately, a whore doesn’t deserve the honor of love, or so she thinks.

“I’ve never brought out the mush in someone. The sleaze, yes, but not the cheese.”

I could not put this book down. The romance between Soti and Lili was exquisitely written. It tugged at my heartstrings in all the right ways. I simply could not get enough of these two. Willow wrote Soti to life as the perfect man, the one every woman needs to help her reach her full potential. I only wish there was MORE of him!

“I wish I could wander through your mind and heal every single bad memory.”

Though this is classified as a Romance, there is so much more to this story. There is plenty of adventure, suspense, and mystery – giving readers one of the most versatile stories I’ve read in a long time. I especially loved the slight Biblical ties woven into the plot, creating an even more touching tale. Don’t let this scare you off if that’s not your thing, however. The subtle addition was done in a way to capture readers of all walks of life.

This was my first book by Willow Aster and will definitely not be my last. I’m experiencing a serious case of FOMO after reading Whore. I’ve missed out on five years of novels, which are sure to be as stunning as the story her latest release. I can’t wait to spend the first part of next year catching up!

Naturally, I can’t praise Whore or Willow Aster enough! You won’t regret picking up this one. Find the links to purchase this exceptional book below.

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