Wall of Crosses – Review

img_8881Baj Goodson’s debut novella, Wall of Crosses, releases today and it’s bound to leave you begging for more. If the gorgeous cover doesn’t get your attention, this story will grab you from the very first word, raising questions and slowly revealing secrets about a dysfunctional family until the final page. Just when one might think there could not possibly be more skeletons in the closets of the old home the characters are cleaning out or in the lives of the family who once lived there, you will be thrown for a loop so huge your stomach will drop.



JACOB TAMBLYN is not in the business of keeping tabs on his dysfunctional family. But when his widowed grandfather passes away suddenly, the patriarch’s last will and testament makes a substantial demand of Jacob and his estranged relatives: in order to claim their inheritances, everyone named in the will must work together long enough to clear out the home of the old man and his late wife. 

ANDY TAMBLYN would love to know more about the family history that her husband, Jacob, refuses to divulge. Seeing the scenario as her big chance to glean better insight into her darling spouse, Andy joins him in the task—despite sentencing herself to the condemnation of her acerbic mother-in-law, Ruth. 

But the assignment proves as overwhelming as it is dire when the family gathers in the house to find that their shrewd figurehead has spent the last year as a hoarder. Tensions rise and drama escalates as old grudges breathe new life, burdens exchange shoulders, and carefully buried secrets—the life-altering kind—threaten to come to light.

This story has everything I look for in a book, wrapped up in a quick and impressive 194 pages. Baj Goodson boasts the writing chops of a seasoned writer, feeding readers vivid descriptions of the cluttered, old home, quirky characters you can’t help but love (along with a few you’ll love to hate), humor, tender moments, and a murky history you’ll be dying to uncover.

“It’s worse than a skunk’s funeral parlor in here.”

Impressively, this novella dives into the collective psyche of a family after the passing of their patriarch, giving readers a look into the ins and outs of an entire family without bogging us down in too much history. The dynamic of this family is hilarious and quite realistic. This was one of the most unique books I have ever read, and though I’d consider this a suspenseful story, the true genre is hard to pin down. I love when a story doesn’t fit into a box and isn’t something I’ve read a different version of in numerous books. I guarantee Wall of Crosses is unlike anything you’ve ever read before, in the best possible way.

“Sometimes parents are so much better at making mistakes than they are at being parents.”

I appreciated how dark this story could be at times, as we’re immersed in the varying minds of husband and wife, Jacob and Andy. I enjoyed wading through the dust in the home with them to uncover the secrets of the other family members through their respective eyes. I thought their personalities were well developed, each bringing unique traits to the table, with the alternation of the two character’s thoughts being clearly defined. The secondary characters in this novel also play a huge role in the story, boasting strong voices and pasts to be discovered.

“You sound better with your mouth closed, anyone ever told you that, Ruthie?”

This plot is perfectly paced, but things really ramp up in the second half of the story. I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what insane revelation would come next. Let me just say, there’s no point in trying to guess what will happen. You will be wrong.  Baj Goodson has written a flawless debut, receiving an easy five stars from me for originality and the excitement I felt while reading. I can’t wait to see where she will go next. The author’s note in the end was an unexpected and great touch to an exciting story. I enjoyed being able to learn where the author’s inspiration came from and the bits of real-life that were woven into the story. Pick up this must-read today because Baj Goodson is here to stay!

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