Truth Unchanging: Hearing God Daily in the Midst of Motherhood – Review

Many thanks to WaterBrook & Multnomah and Netgalley for the chance to read this book early!

As any mother knows, there is rarely a silent moment in life. We have voices coming at us from all directions, it seems. There are endless wants, needs, and demands made at almost every moment of every day. The things we accomplish are often done while we’re distracted, rushed, or frazzled. It’s a miracle anything ever gets done while we’re surrounded by so much noise. As terrible as it sounds, the reality is, it often feels like adding one more thing to the to-do list to tune into the quiet voice of God while we’re surrounded by the numerous demands in our physical world.

Becky Thompson’s simple devotionals for busy mothers take readers back to the Biblical truths we too often put on the back burner in our tedious and mostly monotonous lives. I appreciated Becky sharing her own stories in each devotional mixed with God’s paraphrased word. This book allows mothers to feel a bit of solidarity despite the loneliness we often feel while in the thick of raising young children. This book is encouraging and helps us realize how important it is to tune out Satan’s attacks on not only our thoughts but our time and energy as well. When we read the Bible, or through the middle ground of this devotional, we are able to feel renewed in the Truths God wants us to hold onto.

Through reading this, I felt convicted to return to writing my prayers down and coming back in the future to write how God came through. Not only for myself to see how God is working in my life, but for the sake of posterity. I loved the author’s example of reading how her mother had prayed specific things for her and was able to see how those prayers came to fruition.

I think this book is a great reminder to seek God, even in the middle of the most monotonous parts of life. We have been given the gift of the Spirit to be with us at all times, whether it’s the middle of the night with a sick child or while we’re washing dishes. God will use those moments to help us feel a sense of renewal and strength in His presence.

Truth Unchanging is set to release in April 2019.
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