The Sounds of Secrets – Review


The Sounds of Secrets was my second Whitney Barbetti book after reading Ten Below Zero at the end of last year. She’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine, making me eager to read the rest of her novels! Of the two novels I’ve read, I can attest to the heart poured into the stories and the powerful message the author wants readers to take away.

Lotte has always loved Samson, but he’s always been off limits. When one night changes everything Lotte envisions her dreams coming true. She’s finally been seen, but when morning comes, things are worse than she could have imagined. She decides to take charge of her life and venture from her home in London to the United States. Surely time and distance can only heal her heart and help her move on from her unrequited love. Unfortunately, no matter how far she runs, her secrets follow.

Usually, immediately after reading a novel, I forget the names of the characters. For whatever reason, my mind seems to shuck this information. However, I have to comment on how much I loved the names of these characters – Lotte, Samson, and Ames. They’re unique without being modern and idiotic, like the names many authors choose for their characters these days. Kudos, Whitney!

The Sounds of Secrets, the latest release by Whitney Barbetti, is the type of book that can leave readers feeling as they have learned multiple lessons. Upon finishing, the main thing I took from this story was the message of following our own dreams, regardless of what society or our friends and family might tell us is best for us. Life is ours for the making, not for others to make us do what they want! I’ve always lived my adult life this way, but at times it can be difficult to go against the grain when others inflict their judgments upon me. I hope other readers will find this message encouraging and empowering if they aren’t living the life they long for.

“There’s this pressure to live a full life, but a full life doesn’t look the same to everyone.”

Whitney Barbetti’s expertise in writing broken characters is what will keep me coming back to her writing. I love the struggles and the characters’ ability to recognize their weaknesses, then being able to witness them work at overcoming their issues. I think whether readers struggle with similar difficulties as the characters or not, they will be able to take away valuable lessons for their own lives.

I gave this one a solid four-star rating after finding a few areas to be slightly repetitive and slow. On the whole, this was a heartwarming story with bits and bobs that made my Anglophile’s heart soar. 😉 Whitney Barbetti’s novels come highly recommended by myself and many other trusted bloggers. I hope you will consider picking up her books if you haven’t had a chance.

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