The Girl Before & Shattered Pearls – Mini Reviews

The Girl Before


I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into this novel, having forgone the reading of the blurb. I added this novel to my TBR some time ago based on several rave reviews shortly after it’s release. I do love a good Thriller.

My latest obsession has become audiobooks! My productivity has improved around my home and I feel less lazy getting immersed in a story while being able to multitask. All of the sitting is one of the worst things about being a bookworm for me. When searching for audiobooks of books on my TBR, I discovered The Girl Before was available. Score!

Popping in my headphones and starting lunch, I was immediately hooked from the first British-accented word. At that moment, I realized if every book was narrated with a posh English accent (even Cockney would be acceptable, I’m not picky) I would likely love the story all the more.

One of the coolest things about this story was the quirky minimalistic theme. I’m fascinated by the idea of minimalism, likely because I form personal attachments to the dust bunnies under my bed. I would love to be uncluttered and free of every material item and never be a victim of the commercialism in our modern society. To create a character within a book who is hellbent on maintaining order in every possible facet of his life was truly unique. Despite how crazy Edward was made to seem, I couldn’t help but like him and his out-of-the-box thinking style.

I liked the idea of the unique minimalist home being the main setting for the novel, alternating between the past perspective of Emma and Jane’s current point-of-view. I enjoyed feeling as if I knew who the antagonist was throughout the majority of the novel. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this novel and trying to understand some of the psychological aspects. This was a solid 4 – star read (or listen)!

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Shattered Pearls (The Pearl Series Book 1)

Shattered Pearls

I love discovering new Indie authors and don’t mind occasionally picking up a debut novel. Everyone starts somewhere, right? Sidney Parker’s beautiful cover drew me in and the blurb intrigued me.

Emily was a likeable main character and easy to read about. I was eager to discover more about her past and learn more about who she was.

My favorite thing about Shattered Pearls was the suspenseful and mysterious storyline, making this more of a Romantic Suspense novel. The story had a great build-up, making me eager for the conclusion, however, I hoped for a longer climax. The excitement felt a little rushed and could have used a bit more detail to bring the story together. On the whole, this was a decent read and I’m happy I gave it a chance. I hope Sidney Parker will continue to hone her craft and publish more books in the future.

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