The Brightest – Review

img_8455Readers, if you’re looking for a quick, feel-good story, look no further! This is an incredibly short novella, meant to be read in one sitting, telling a love story about love stories. Robyn is waiting for her “bright” moment in life, a small spark of serendipity to move her life along on the course she was meant for. She grows up with an amazing sense of wonder after hearing the tale of her parents’ love story time after time in her youth. Robyn is waiting for her own date with destiny while she works on writing the moments of wonder she encounters in life.

“…she was unable to walk down the street without the wind chimes sending her a secret message. Or the familiar store clerk mentioning the very thing she was thinking about just that morning. It was a blissful way to live.”

I really enjoyed Robyn’s outlook on life and it made me want to appreciate the little things even more than I already do in my own life! This is book gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling after finishing it, making me wish there was even more to the story. I would love if the author, Marty S. Dalton, chose to continue with this story. It would quench my thirst to have excerpts of Robyn’s writing and more of her story to read after the conclusion of The Brightest. I loved how my mind continued to wander down a path with these characters long after I turned the last page, imagining what could happen next in their lives. I decided to give this cute, little book 4 stars, knocking off one for the sometimes forced-feeling dialogue. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and hope to see more along these lines from Dalton in the future.

If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, be sure to read The Brightest one afternoon and be swept away in what feels like a modern fairytale.

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