Six Feet Under – Review

img_8443Oh, my heart. I’m not even halfway through this book at the moment of writing this, but I had to stop and quickly jot down thoughts before I’ve forgotten them.

This book explains the substance of our feelings as humans. The main thing all of us want is to be loved unconditionally, to know no matter how much we screw up we won’t be left and alone. There is so much hurt and ugliness in the world, it’s hard not to be a little broken.
Six is the epitome of steadiness. Is he Jesus? Or Mary Poppins? Because he is practically perfect in every way. I could gush for hours about this book, and I will, but now I must get back to the story.

“My flaws pushed against my skin, trying to make themselves more pronounced under his scrutiny.”

Dear Whitney Barbetti,

What have you done to me? Besides obviously writing one of the very best books I have ever had the privilege of reading, you have turned my heart to mush. My feelings are currently a jumbled mess and I don’t know what to do with myself. I came here to write my thoughts, but they’re all over the place. The bottom line is this: every woman needs to read this book because every woman has a piece of Mira embedded in them.
You have captured the essence of mental illness in a way I have never before experienced. I was living inside of Mira’s head, desperate for her to find a way to fight her demons in a healthy way. I felt like I was Mira – trapped, anxious, alone. Your writing made me visit pieces of myself I have long since tried to forget, while allowing that visit to be practically painless. Mira didn’t make me feel bad about myself or alone in the struggles I’ve faced.

Thank you for using the power of your words to effect change. Thank you for the story you have told and the feelings and understanding you empower your readers with.

Now, relinquish Pieces of Eight so my heart can heal!

My Love for You is a 10,

“Groups made me feel insecure, intimidated. It was easier to be alone, easier to be me, easier not to see that I was such a different breed of animal from so many others.

Dear Reader,

If you pick any of the books I recommend this year, I hope this will be the one. I would give it 6 stars if I could. Mental illness is a hot topic these days and one I’m ashamed to say I’ve been a tad annoyed with at times. Sometimes it seems as if the world is pushing us all to say we’re mentally ill, and we all have huge issues or need medication. I don’t like the pressure. However, I will say I have been ignorant in understanding what being mentally unwell means. There are tons of books with characters in difficult circumstances, describing their needs for help, but none of them have hit me in the heart like Six Feet Under. No other piece of literature or news broadcast has helped me understand and get in the shoes of someone with the issues Mira faced like this one.

I have been close to people who have struggled with self-harm, while I have struggled alongside them as Six did. Unfortunately, beyond giving sympathy for their struggles and feeling hurt by their actions, I was never truly able to understand their mindset. Six Feet Under gives us, as readers and humans, the ability to empathize and grasp the turmoil inside someone’s mind.

Mira is hard to like infuriating at times, but she’s real and painfully honest. I don’t have the words to adequately describe how well her story is written. Mira’s character is all-encompassing. By the end of the story, you will feel her in your bones and will crave more time with her, despite the hours you’ve already invested. The growth she shows is tremendous and arduous. She moves one step forward and two steps back for years, allowing us to feel the growing pains through every part of her journey.

Six is the perfect example of unconditional love. I honestly can’t imagine enduring as long and as well as he did. Though he had some downfalls and moments where I was annoyed with him too, he has to be one of my favorite male-leads. He is a rock in the hurricane that is Mira. Although, there is still a huge air of mystery surrounding his character and I’m dying for the second half of this duet to give me the answers I desperately need!

I want to note, if you’ve struggled with mental illness, self-harm, alcoholism, or drug use this story may be a huge trigger for you. If you are still recovering or are susceptible to relapsing, please reconsider reading. I fear the feelings of this novel could make a person itch for these particular vices.

This novel is dark, gritty, and heartbreakingly painful, but it is also inspiring, instructive, and healing. I loved every raw and ragged moment and the mystery still to be discovered. This is a lengthy novel that didn’t feel long enough.

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