Jackal – Review

Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster have started a movement, a rise of women, that is absolutely astounding with the End of Men Series. I’ll admit to being slightly more critical of Folsom, the first book in the series, than many of my blogging counterparts. However, as the story of Folsom sat with me, the more I found myself reflecting on what the characters would do next. I was attached and had my mind opened to an incredible Dystopian world these talented authors created. In everyday situations, I would find my mind imagining the current world becoming like the Folsom setting, imagining what it would be like if breeding was regulated by the government, or if we weren’t able to care for our babies in the way we see fit as parents. I didn’t know it at the time, but Folsom rocked my world.

I find it hard to admit that I love books that teeter on the edge of the Erotica genre. My Southern Baptist ways are cringing in shame as I type this, but this series is so much more than sex. This series tells a tale of the depths of humanity, about all of the things we hold near, dear, and essential to our well-being. This series makes me think, root for the underdogs, and want to cheer out loud for small victories…all while blushing and looking over my shoulder during the racy moments. I daresay no other authors could make me push through intense discomfort in the name of such a fabulous underlying storyline. I’m in awe.

“In a world where you’re given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most.”

Jackal was everything I didn’t know I needed for the second book in this series. I was scared about venturing into the minds of new characters when I had already become attached to Folsom and Gwen. How could I possibly be won over with these new perspectives and how could these characters in a separate region continue the story I had grown to know? If you have these questions too after finishing Folsom, have no fear. Willow and Tarryn always take care of their readers and bring us everything we need and immensely more. In my opinion, Jackal’s story tops Folsom! I couldn’t resist giving this title five stars for going above and beyond my expectations. I fell in love with the new characters, especially Phoenix. This ballet dancer is flexing all over the Blue Region! In the story, Jackal describes her as “hard and soft”, and it’s the picture-perfect depiction. She’s a walking contradiction, but I couldn’t help but love every piece of her character.

“I can’t be tamed. I won’t be tamed”

One of my favorite tidbits of this story were the quirky animal facts at the beginning of every chapter, such as: “During mating with a honey bee, the drone’s genitals explode and his penis snaps right off.” I feel like an Animal Sexual Biology Major after reading! 😉

Despite the sometimes hard topics within this story, it is broken up by light moments and unexpected additions of humor. Truly, this book has everything and I’m completely dumbfounded by the Fisher + Aster duo. I can’t figure out how in such a short amount of time, these two were able to write a second book and somehow make it even more exciting than the first. I’m hooked and ready to see this series through.

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