How to Kill a Rockstar – Review

113791Is it just me, or are the books with the biggest hype the hardest to read? I’ve been holding off on How to Kill a Rockstar for months because I simply wasn’t ready after having my heart stomped on by God-Shaped Hole. Tiffanie DeBartolo can write heartache like nobody’s business. I wish I could borrow her brain for a day because this woman is incredibly smart. Her pages seep deep, philosophical Romance and I can’t soak up her words enough.

Unfortunately for me, (please don’t throw tomatoes) I felt a disconnect with this story I can’t place my finger on. I felt every word, I understood the choices the characters made, I was in their shoes, but I still couldn’t help feeling slightly bored at points in this story. This has nothing to do with the writing, plotting, or anything on the author’s part and strictly has to do with my own enjoyment. I personally feel like maybe it was the wrong time for me to read the book, maybe I felt rushed because Book Bonanza is coming, or because everyone’s home and talking constantly in the summertime. 😉 Either way, I closed the last page feeling disappointed with myself, not the author.

The characters in this story were so deeply human and realistic. I loved Tiffanie’s ability to convey how the character’s choices affected their futures. They made spur of the moment decisions and had to live with the consequences, no matter how awful their choices turned out to be. Her writing has an incredibly visceral quality I have not experienced prior to reading her books. I felt like I was in a crappy New York City apartment, I could smell the smells, see the sights, feel the heat of the summer day all without feeling burdened by description. I laughed, I teared up, I felt the pains of anxiety in my chest – the makings of not just a great book, but a work of art. I truly GET why so many readers list this as an all-time favorite.

So what is wrong with me? Why didn’t I like this book as much as I should have? I kind of want to blame Loring and Winkle. Just go away, dudes. It’s a bummer when a couple of characters you can’t stand hold such weight in the story. I found myself rushing through the parts containing mention of them, just to move back to the characters I cared about. Yikes!

Still, that’s not enough of an explanation of what was lacking for me, because I’m not even sure. I clearly will have to revisit this one at another time in my life! I do have to add, one of my favorite things was Eliza’s relationship with music and the way she was able to feel a soul connection to certain songs. I think a lot of us readers can relate to this feeling through books. I know certain authors have changed my life and I think Tiffanie DeBartolo is one of those authors for many. So, dear readers, take my review with a grain of salt and pick up this book now! It’s only been available for thirteen years – what are you waiting for?

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