Folsom – Review

Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster took gender stereotypes and kicked them in the balls.

It’s no secret I love everything Tarryn Fisher writes, so when I saw she was pairing with Willow Aster, another author I love, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read an ARC from these two sought-after authors and give my thoughts on this original story. I absolutely loved the concept behind this book because it is something I have never read before. I haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale or watched the Hulu series yet, but I’m speculating the two may have similar vibes, but with the genders reversed. The take on the men being the weaker sex was incredibly interesting to fathom, as it is something I’ve never pondered in such depth before. I really enjoyed the new places the pairing of these two authors took my mind to!

The beginning of the story was very strong and exciting, as this dystopian society was built in my mind. The setting was well thought and executed. However, toward the middle, I felt the plot slowing down a bit. There were parts I needed to be fleshed out a bit more for my liking. More description was needed and a stronger connection between the characters would have made their quick relationship more believable. I also felt as if some of the action sequences during the climatic events came across slightly rushed. I think these are easy oversights when two writers with unique styles come together to form one story, similar to the Fisher/Hoover collaboration with the Never, Never series.

Readers should also be warned this is a bit of departure from the styles we’ve become used to from both authors, as Folsom takes on more of an erotic feel. Though I’m not really comfortable with lots of graphic scenes and descriptions, I felt the writing of these moments were justified and almost essential to the plot. This might be something more conservative readers, like myself, have to overlook while reading to experience the fullness of Folsom (pun not intended -ha!).

My very favorite thing about this novel was being able to get into Folsom’s head and explore how a society like the one created would affect a man. I feel like these two female authors gave Folsom a distinctly male voice, an impressive feat, in my opinion. His fractured soul and the torment he faced was heartbreaking. Being able to empathize with him wasn’t something I was expecting upon starting this novel, though it was a welcome experience. I honestly couldn’t believe I would find myself rooting for a man in a female-dominant society. This truly shows how persuasive this duo’s writing can be. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a highly feminist novel, but it takes a deeper look at the heart of humanity as a whole while diving into the polarized genders of this particular society.

Despite the downfalls, I still really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to seeing this series through. I am eager to learn more about Folsom and see if the characters can overcome the oppressive society and begin a new world. I hope Tarryn and Willow will take their time with the series despite how demanding their fans, without doubt, will be (myself included). This series is full of potential and can be something really great. I’m giving this one 3.5 stars, rounding up to four with the hope of a five-star follow-up to come. Pick up book number one in the End of Men Series today by the incredibly talented Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster.

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