The Wildling Sisters – Review


Let me tell you now, folks, The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase is a summer release you are going to want to pick up. This book captivated me from the very first page. It begins in 1959 at Applecote Manor in Cotswolds, England with the Wilde sisters dragging a body through the landscape. This haunting tale combines past and present perspectives, diverging in the end, to reveal the story of a young girl who unexpectedly vanished. The walls of Applecote Manor haven’t changed much in decades, but the secrets within are silently screaming to get out. It will only take the right person to uncover them.

I cannot rave enough about this novel, as it had numerous elements I loved. To begin with, the cover is instantly eye-catching. When I look at it, I want to know the story the girls are going to tell. What are they up to? What secrets lie behind their eyes? It has such an interesting mystery, just like the pages to follow. I’m also enamored by stories set in England, especially the countryside; I love the written prose of British English and enjoy reading about the quirks of life in Great Britain. Though this story was set in a beautiful place, it had a haunted feel throughout. I imagined the house speaking the sounds, thoughts, and feelings of its previous occupants.

The alternation between the past and present allowed such an enticing story to follow, as both perspectives were equally interesting to me. In the past, the Wilde sisters, endearingly known as the Wildling’s are spending an unpleasantly warm summer at their aunt and uncle’s home in Cotswolds as their mother goes to find work in Morocco. The sisters come to the manor living and breathing as one unit, but by the end of the summer find their relationship strained by the mystery surrounding their cousin’s disappearance and the growing up they individually experience throughout the summertime.
Fast forward to present day, Jessie is desperate to start a new life away from the hustle and bustle of London with her husband, young daughter, and her challenging step-daughter, Bella. Applecote Manor seems to be just the ticket to create the family dynamic Jessie has been dreaming of until she discovers the house may have more secrets than her small blended family.

Tidbits about the past are revealed through each viewpoint, keeping the plot always interesting. I could not put this book down, not even because I was anxious to find out the mystery behind Audrey’s disappearance (of course, I was), but simply because I enjoyed the enveloping feel of this story. I haven’t been completely drawn into a novel in ages, feeling like I’m living out the movie of the story in my head. Eve Chase’s writing was like traveling through time and across the ocean to an eerie place I wasn’t quite ready to leave. Her similes were thought-provoking and expressive, the imagery made me feel like I was there, and the voices of her characters were realistic in the best possible way. Simply, this is a well-written tale worth reading immediately. It has quickly taken over the top place as my favorite book of this genre for 2017.

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