The Secret Lives of Introverts – Review

35415920Since reading Susan Cain’s Quiet a few years ago, I’ve been eager to learn more about the topic of Introversion. The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World, written by Jenn Granneman, the creator of the site and community boasted a unique look on the subject that I’ve been unable to experience through any of my previously read books. I enjoyed the facts and personal accounts of other introverts, as well as the incredible organization of this book. Out of the three books I’ve read about Introversion, I think this one would be most beneficial to Extroverts looking to understand their quiet peers or family members. The science of Introversion is thoroughly explained, without being boring or too highbrowed to understand. Introversion is simply a temperament that cannot be changed, it’s not something many of us can “get over” or shuck to fit in with the Extroverted world. I hope that we can become more accepting and understanding of introverts in our society, especially in American culture. When possibly over half of all people are Introverted, it seems absurd that many of us grow up feeling misunderstood or like outcasts. I hope in coming years through understanding and education from books like The Secret Lives of Introverts, we are able to break the stigmas that many of us face.

Over time, I have found the author’s website and Facebook pages helpful in discovering more about my personality type and those of my family and friends. Based on my knowledge of the types of articles included on the Introvert Dear website, I knew this book would be a hit for myself and others looking to expand their knowledge on the subject. Opportunely, Sabrina and I were able to do a bit of beta reading for this informational book before it’s release, making me more eager to read the finished product.

Though I have luckily found a fellow Introverted partner in my husband, many Introverts struggle to find that special someone. Despite being married, I found the chapters on dating and relationships to be exceptionally encouraging for those still looking for their match. I think the information in these chapters could be useful in boosting confidence and offering practical advice for those facing the difficulties of dating or meeting people. This was something I hadn’t been able to find in previous books I’ve read, making this text exceptionally useful.
For those of us in relationships, there is a chapter offering relationship advice and troubleshooting for the partnerships we are in. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of explanations about the benefits and challenges of being in an introvert-introvert relationship as well as an introvert-extrovert relationship. The three relationship chapters were the most useful, in my opinion, because this information is often overlooked in many books or online forums.

As I was finishing up my reading of The Secret Lives of Introverts, I was even able to discover one of my own quotes made it to the chapter about our hidden worlds. I had no idea my quote was featured, among those of other introverts, until I read and re-read that specific page, thinking, “Hmm…that sounds like something I would say.” I could barely contain my excitement when I realized the “Ashley” mentioned was, in fact, me! Thank you, Jenn, for finding my hidden world useful enough to mention.

I think people from all walks of life, whether introverted or extroverted will be able to find solace, understanding, or useful information within the pages about the benefits and challenges of being an introvert. If you’re wondering about your own temperament and personality, be sure to pop over to and take the Myers-Briggs test to open the door of self-discovery. If you’re like us, and eager to learn more on the mind’s inner workings and the science of personalities, please make certain you pick up this book!

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