The Foxe & the Hound – Review



When my fellow Texan, R.S. Grey, releases a new book, I am always eager to read it. Her books always happen to come out at a great time for me, though when is there a bad time to read a book by her? I know her stories will make me laugh because they are always witty, fun, and light. The latest release by Grey is no exception. The Foxe & the Hound picks up with Daisy’s best friend, Madeline, from Anything You Can Do. Remember her endearingly crappy car? Things haven’t changed much for Madeline, she still has the old beater, her appliances don’t work, and she’s a struggling real estate agent living in a tiny rental apartment.

I love when previous characters make an appearance in an author’s new book. It makes me instantly attached to the new story as a reader. This was a wonderful and unexpected surprise because Anything You Can Do was such a fun read for me.

The Foxe & the Hound was not quite as much of a hate to love story as Anything You Can Do, but there is definitely some tension between Adam and Madeline throughout the novel, adding the perfect amount of angst. The Hound, in this case, Madeline’s huge dog named Mouse was a welcome addition we haven’t seen from Grey before. Maddie’s dog gets her into a number of hilarious fiascos with Adam, the new veterinarian in town.

One of my favorite things about Grey’s novels is the Texas setting she delivers time after time. She writes Small-Town, Texas so realistically and comically, allowing readers from all over the world to experience some of the quirks that make our state the best. 😉 While this book is set in fictional Hamilton, Texas, it is still fun to picture this story taking place in the real Hamilton, located only half an hour or less from me!

If you’re looking for a summer read, I would definitely recommend adding The Foxe & the Hound to your beach bag.  Be prepared to laugh out loud and maybe look a little strange to your fellow beach bums.

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