Somebody Else’s Sky & Move the Stars – Review


Somebody Else’s Sky

NOTE: If you’ve yet to read Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins, you may want to skip reading this review and start reading this epic love story.

I’m going to do things a bit differently and review the final two books in the Something in the Way series in one post. I couldn’t be bothered to stop reading and write a review between books. I was so eager, I finished all three books in six days. I haven’t read a book series so quickly in about a decade!

Jessica Hawkins did such an incredible job breathing life into these characters. Their choices and actions felt real. Through alternating viewpoints, I was able to understand the reason for the choices of each character better than I would have expected. The hard times Lake and Manning encountered due to their forbidden love was written in the most justifiable way. Though I hated that they could not be together, I was able to grasp the reason why, from both Manning and Lake’s perspective. I felt empathy for the secondary characters, and could never place blame on anyone for the way things turned out, though I strongly longed for a different resolution. I think my ability to understand the logic behind the decisions of the characters and the forces keeping Manning and Lake apart proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the talent Jessica Hawkins possesses as a writer. She persuaded me to feel differently than I would have expected, I felt for characters I disliked, and with a broken heart and sick feeling in the pit of my stomach by the ending of this book, I was able to eagerly continue on with the next novel in the series. She broke me down and I desperately needed her to put me back together again with the subsequent story.

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Move the Stars


I feel so terribly sorry for you poor dears who had to wait for Move the Stars to be released. After the ending of Somebody Else’s Sky, I was broken-hearted and I needed a resolution immediately so I could go on as a normal functioning adult. Yes, these characters impacted my life in that big of a way, without exaggeration.

“He’d beaten my heart black and blue, so what right did he have to try and take it back?”

I started reading Move the Stars just moments after finishing Somebody Else’s Sky. I needed to get off the rollercoaster of emotion. Thankfully, I was so incredibly satisfied with the beginning of the novel, until Manning became slightly different than I remembered. (SMALL SPOILER AHEAD)
His language became a tad vulgar, almost in an attempt to prove Lake had aged four years since the ending of the last book. I missed the sweet, gentlemanly version of Manning I had grown accustomed to. I was a little surprised when the novel had taken more of an “erotic” turn and was glad to be past that section of the story when I began reading Part 2.

The second part of the story was exactly what I was hoping for when I started reading, though Lake and Manning were still estranged and I was back to feeling the ache in my heart. The Manning I had grown to love was back!

The ending of this three-book-long series was wrapped up in the perfect way. I loved that every plot hole was filled and I was left with an understanding of every event in the past novels in a way that satisfied me. Upon finishing, however, I was immediately hungry for more! I hate to be a glutton and ask for a fourth book, but I could read about Lake and Manning for more than the 1200+ pages we were given. I had a book hangover of colossal proportions – instantly missing the characters and the feel of the story.

I can’t recommend these books enough. Besides the Harry Potter novels, I would be hard pressed to find a series I loved more than this one. It featured everything I look for in books, especially ones in the Romance genre, and left me with a post-reading high I haven’t experienced in ages!

Now to go on mourning the end of my time with Manning and Lake… cue the waterworks.

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