Oh Sleepur! – Review


I think when a friend shares a book they love with me, it is one of the most special gifts they can give. It’s like they are saying, “Here’s a piece of my soul.” To me, it’s more than just pages, more than a simple book, but a look into a person. When my friend Miriam sent me Oh Sleepur! by Marty Schoenleber III, I was incredibly excited to get to know this part of her better. I wanted to understand why she loved this book and hoped I would have a similar experience.

Marty is a spoken-word poet, whom many people learned about through Colleen Hoover. Colleen’s book, Slammed, featured this particular style of poetry. From the knowledge I’ve gathered, Marty may have performed a poem from Slammed on YouTube, though I can’t find the link at the moment.

Many of the poems in Oh Sleepur! have Christian themes, which is something I really appreciated as a Christian myself. I love reading about other people’s Faith and experiencing how they bring it out into the world. My favorite poems in this book were “Resighcled”, “a poem to charm my Wife”, and “Push”, though I enjoyed many in this collection.

“The truth is you look and sound and feel like anything but nostalgia, cause I can’t remember you better than you are right now.”

I admit to not knowing much about this style of poetry, but from time to time, I enjoy reading the work of poets. I love their ability to pack a huge emotional punch into such a short collection of words. Perhaps since Schoenleber recites his poems aloud, I was able to imagine many of them as songs while reading. They had the cadence of song lyrics in my mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short book of poetry and hope that this review will encourage many of you to pick up a copy yourselves. It’s one of those books I wish more people knew about! Thank you to my dear friend, Miriam, for sharing this lovely book with me. It truly touched my heart.

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