Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires – Review

When the woman who made me love poetry releases a new collection, you better believe I’m all but foaming at the mouth to get a taste. Her words are among my favorites ever written. Just look at this cover, guys. We’re not supposed to get our hopes up based on an image, but after gazing at this cover how can we not?

Luckily, the content inside was exactly up to par and paired perfectly with the stunning cover photo. J.R. Rogue’s composition of words is pure art. In such few words, she is able to create the imagery of a scene in a novel. I become fully immersed in the picture she paints and am always left craving more. I want to crawl inside her mind to reveal the stories behind poems. The mystery of not knowing or understanding the full stories behind a page-full of words is absolutely captivating.

Without giving much away about the content within, I wanted to share some of my favorite lines from a few poems in this collection:

“The idea of me & the idea of you
look better together anyway.”

“I liked you better when you liked me less.”

“I’m no open book but one look at my cover
& you’re whispering my plot twists before
I’ve had a chance to blow on the ink.”

The longest poem in the collection, “It’s Going to Hit You Violently” was undoubtedly my favorite. Rogue can rip my heart out and serve it on a platter. I could write my entire review of this poem alone. I’m in awe of the world she crafted in my brain, the feelings she evoked, and the absolute empathy I was able to feel through reading her words.

Rogue is a master of the mantra, “Less is more.”
Fewer words = all the feels.

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