A Lover’s Lament – Review

“That’s the great thing about love … it finds you. And when it’s true love, it doesn’t go away, and you just know. You don’t have to wonder or guess, because it just … is.”


As the first book for my 2016 Indie Readathon hosted by Angie’s Dreamy ReadsWords with Sarah, and Booklovers for Life, I decided to read A Lover’s Lament.  I have had this book on my TBR list for as long as my TBR has existed.  An Indie Readathon was the perfect excuse to check it off my never-ending list. 

A Lover’s Lament was published in 2015 by KL Grayson and BT Urruela.  It is an emotional tale about first love and “the one who got away”.  As a person who thoroughly enjoys military literature, I was excited to get into this story.  I like the perspective military books can provide into the world little of us know about firsthand.  I appreciate BT Urruela’s involvement in the story, as it provides the reader with a direct and accurate link to the battlefield through Urruela’s experience.   As a romance, this book expanded my thoughts on the military genre and added an entertaining aspect to what is sometimes bleak subject matter.

The story follows Katie after a traumatic event happens in her life.  She is encouraged to write a letter to a deployed soldier through a pen pal program to help her come to grips with her reality.  Through opening up her heart in writing, Katie is able to heal her wounds and find love in an unexpected place.  However, the very real threat of war could tear this newfound hope from Katie, leaving her more wounded than she ever thought she could be.

I thoroughly enjoyed the written communication aspect of this story.  The written word usually allows humans a way to interact more openly with others without the fear of immediate rejection.  In this case, it allows a relationship to blossom quickly and wounds to be mended.  I would recommend this as strictly an adult read, being that some scenes are rather mature for younger readers.  Some parts were a bit raunchy for my taste, though I know some readers aren’t bothered by overly descriptive love scenes.  For the flashy bits and predictability of the story up to the epilogue, I would give this novel a solid 3 stars. Overall, it is an enjoyable story and was a quick end of summer read.

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