The Magnolia Story – Review


Living only 30 miles from Waco, Texas, it was basically imperative I read Chip and Joanna Gaines’ recent release, The Magnolia Story. I have to admit, after watching the TV show and seeing how perfect the Fixer Upper duo’s lives’ seem, it did make me wonder if the pair could possibly be as genuine as they come across on the screen. Their perfect marriage could be as big of a facade as the beautiful homes they create. After reading the story of their struggles and hopes and dreams, I came to feel as if my assumptions of the couple were true.

They are real people who were thrust into the spotlight, who still try to raise their family the right way without allowing the fame to go to their heads. I was impressed with Joanna’s ability to let her Faith in God shine through in her writing as encouragement to readers, without being overbearing or preachy. She simply stated how her Faith helped in deciding the course of her life in numerous situations- from staying home to raise her children to purchasing the Silos to expand her home decor shop. Their attention to their marriage and family is paramount to their success and is refreshing to see on television. America could use a little more encouragement in the marriage department, and I am proud to see Chip and Joanna modeling what a good relationship looks like    even if Jo does always get her way. 😉 Marriage is about compromise, I suppose. I love reading Biographies and memoirs to learn the real stories behind real people. Fiction is a fun escape, but nonfiction can be a great change of pace and way to learn and relate to genuine people.

I’ve yet to visit the Silos since they’ve been open- I know, I know, why am I taking so long- but I did visit Chip and Jo’s little shop on Bosque Boulevard before they moved. It was especially interesting to read the history of how the shop came to be after visiting it myself. Not to mention seeing how far the business has come for the couple as they’ve grown into the Silos in downtown Waco.  I find the work they have done to spruce the city up and encourage the economy to grow especially inspirational. Their show and the work they are doing is benefiting so many others in the area!

This was an interesting and funny (thanks, Chip) quick read that touched on business, family, home, dreams, and even a little bit of jail-time and drama. If you enjoy tuning in to Fixer Upper on Tuesday nights and can’t get enough of those infamous Shiplap walls, The Magnolia Story is a must-read.

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