One True Loves – Review

I’m not going to review this novel in the “proper” way. Instead, I want to tell you what it meant to me.

You see, I only read the first couple sentences of a blurb, if at all. I judge by popularity, the cover, genre, the author, all of the things readers aren’t supposed to judge a book by before reading it. Usually, if it is popular, it is popular for a reason.

This makes me think of the quote, “if you read what everyone else is reading, you’ll think what everyone else is thinking.”

Alas, I have found a book that makes me disagree with this quote. If a book makes you think, it doesn’t matter what others people’s thoughts on it were. The only thing that matters are the thoughts you take away.

And, did I take away some thoughts.

I was conflicted, sad, angry, happy. Literally all over the spectrum. But what I felt is irrelevant because feelings are fleeting. What I thought, becomes the thing that sticks to me for years as I reflect on this book.

How can a person love two people? Who deserves your loyalty? Who is the right person to hurt for your own selfish desires? Do our decisions matter or will things eventually work out in their own way?
The answer is simple- love matters. Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a thought. It stays, long after the recipient is gone. It changes us forever. That’s why we can trust love- true love.

One True Loves is a beautifully written novel that will certainly be on my list to revisit again someday. I blew through this book in one afternoon and fell in love along the way. I like that it made me question things because there is never a black and white choice for all of the crossroads we come to in life. This is why we can never truly judge people for the choices they make without understanding the reasons behind their decisions. In this story, I found myself rooting for the outcome directly opposite to what I value and would consider “moral” for myself in real-life.

“Falling out of love with someone you still like feels exactly like lying in a warm bed and hearing the alarm clock.
No matter how good you feel right now, you know it’s time to go.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a persuasive writer and gifted storyteller. I cannot wait to read more of her work in the future! If you’re looking for a book with all the feels, this is definitely it! 5 stars and then some!

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