Infinity + One – Review

20901080Amy Harmon…I could go on and on about this amazing lady’s talents. Since discovering her books last year, after reading The Bird and the Sword, I’ve been slowly making my way through her entire catalog. Her writing appeals to my personality so perfectly, and some of her books are among my all-time favorite reads. Her books are a beautiful mix of feeling, romance, and faith. She weaves together elements within the story-line so flawlessly, I always find myself wondering how she does it. The glimpse her writing gives into her brain never fails to make me want more!

Infinity + One was published in 2014 and is my 6th read of hers. I was a bit apprehensive to read this story due to the math aspect. Math is one of the biggest things I loathe in this world, so how could I possibly enjoy a book with math as a point of the plot? Never fear, dear reader, it’s an Amy Harmon book. She can make even the ugliest things beautiful. 😉 Like Bonnie Rae, I enjoy Finn’s version of math.

The story begins with Finn Clyde finding Bonnie Rae Shelby, a cute, country superstar in an unbearably hard place. Determined to help this girl he doesn’t know from Eve despite her superstardom, Finn, short for Infinity, decides to allow Bonnie to tag along on his road trip of self-discovery to Las Vegas. This duo sets out on a road of hardship they weren’t prepared to encounter, but Bonnie and Clyde are determined to create their own legacy– a legacy of doing good along the way, rather than the crime spree their counterparts were known for.

Infinity + One transported me into another Amy Harmon world that felt realistic and almost movie-like–as if it was a mix of Good Will Hunting and a tabloid’s version of a Taylor Swift headline. Even the secondary characters were special to this story, in particular, one nicknamed William, with initials that spelled out G.O.D.  I especially loved his part in this story and the message he shared.  The history of the real-life Bonnie and Clyde also added another cool element to this story, allowing readers to learn a bit while enjoying this fictional story.  I am always drawn into a book with a good road trip, with real landmarks that I may have seen myself or hope to visit in the future.  I love long trips in the car, the time to talk and connect with my traveling partners, and the joy in the journey.  Though Bonnie and Finn’s story feels a bit like insta-love because their relationship progressed quickly, it didn’t seem as unrealistic to me as it does in most books.  Traveling can make people grow closer than ever as they traverse great distances together.

Every time I read an Amy Harmon book, I want to share it with the world and encourage everyone to love her writing as much as I do.  She will continue to be a favorite of mine, and I hope readers will continue to be drawn into the stories she shares.

Infinity + One made me, too, believe in Bonnie and Clyde and the power of love with a dash of faith.

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