With This Heart – R.S. Grey


Grey’s books have such a cozy feel to them. They’re light and enjoyable; though the stories sometimes contain difficult subject matter, Grey writes them in a way that does not allow the plotline to feel burdensome and overbearing.  She cuts to the chase while adding humor to lighten the mood. I appreciate her writing style and look forward to catching up on more of her previous releases.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the road trip through Texas. As a Texan myself, I love reading positive things promoting our great state! Most non-Texans don’t realize just how big our state is, and how a person could have a several-day road trip without leaving the state. Grey illustrated the size of the state perfectly while describing real tourist attractions throughout, such as Marfa. I never had much of a desire to drive to West Texas as far as Marfa, but now I want to reconsider. Abby and Beck had the best time!

This was one of the sweetest stories I have ever read. The characters were likeable and didn’t seem to have annoying characteristics that many fictional characters have in numerous books. I loved the witty banter and sarcasm. While I wish more books were as likeable as this one, I feel if more authors copied this style it wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable. R.S. Grey is a pioneer of this niche!

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