Get in the Car, Jupiter – Review


I cannot even handle this book.  After reading one dark and serious novel, and calling it quits before the end of another melancholy story, Sabrina suggested that I read Get in the Car, Jupiter by Fisher Amelie for a pick me up.  I have had this book on my TBR since I saw the cover.  Yeah, I told y’all I’m a totally judgmental reader.  Why would anyone want to pour themselves into writing a book and give it a drab cover?  I mean, how freaking cute is Jupiter with her cheeseburger?!  I had to get to know her. 

Let me tell y’all right now, I am so glad I did.  I want to be friends with Jupiter, with Fisher Amelie, and I just want to crawl into the fantasy-land of pretty book covers.  Ok, enough about the cover, for now…  Jupiter grew up with unconventional parents, as you can tell by her name.  She lived in a UFO for Pete’s Sake, with a sister named Mercury.  Jupiter finds herself accepted to college in faraway Seattle, Washington, with parents who refuse to take her to college.  When she accidentally bumps into her crush (literally) and ends up with his acceptance letter to the same college she is going to, her bestie Frankie forces her to bum a ride to Washington in his super rad ’65 GTO.  The book takes us along for the ride with Jupiter, Ezra, and Ezra’s cousin Kai-who just so happens to be hilarious.  Someone is Catfished, there is a fire, theft, and a whole lot of fun and snacks.

“…I was forced to follow them like a Justin Bieber Insta account, with shame and humilitation.”

I mean, this book has the perfect amount of weird, funny, a reference to “Are You Being Served?”, and a road trip in a muscle car.  I think this novel is my spirit-animal, not that that reference makes sense what-so-ever.

“My family was weird, I was weird, everything about me was weird, and I was constantly called out on it.”

I am so ecstatic to read more from Fisher Amelie!  I will be starting Penny in London ASAP, and hopefully her Seven Deadly Sins series soon.  Check out her work, and pick up your copy of Jupiter.  It is a perfect feel-good, fun and clean love story.

Now I’m going to watch “Are You Being Served?”!!!

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